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Sample Scenes from the Operetta

See and hear great scenes from Finding Medusa, brought to you by some fabulous singers! Don't miss Chelsea Hollow's high E  in "Pammy's Lullaby."

View sample videos below, or read   HERE  about all 17 semi-independent scenes

Supplementary Scene


Young Perseus cleans the shrine of his hero, Prometheus. Secretly, the goddess Athena observes his ambitions with interest.

Act 1, Scene 5

The Graeae

In Scene 5 we meet the Graeae (GRAY-eye), three witches whom Perseus must interrogate to discover the whereabouts of their sister Medusa. Two of them are cannibals who dine on passing sailors, one is vegetarian, but nevertheless they get along fine. Can you believe it?

Act 1, Scene 8

Pammy's Lullaby

The sweet vegetarian witch, Pammy, sings about her love for Perseus to his friend Koros, whom Athena has turned into a donkey. She doesn't know yet that it's actually Koros who's making her "fluffy" with love.

Act 1, Scene 8

The Art of the Deal

The goddess Athena finds Perseus reluctant to press the Graeae, whom he thinks are "sweet old ladies," to reveal how he can find Medusa. Athena reveals to him that the Graeae are in fact planning to eat him for dinner, and that he should use "the art of the deal," and even violence, to get to his goal, the snake-haired Medusa, so he can slay her.

Act 2, Scene 1

Stardust in the Night

The Graeae Enyo and Pammy mourn the death of Medusa by placing her magic cloak in an antique casket. They join in a tender duet: "Stardust in the night, rising to the stars, bits of love and light, that is what we are."

Act 2, Scene 5

Vegetarian Tango

from our 2018 Next Steps workshop

The two cannibal Graeae Deino and Enyo decide to stop eating sailors and instead become vegetarian. The reason? One of them is revealed to actually be a man in disguise. They want to marry and raise kids that won't "shove them in pots and slam the lids."

Supplementary Scene

Athena Faces Medusa

Athena accosts Perseus and demands Medusa's head from him. He refuses, defying the goddess. Stunning results occur when Zeus shows up later!

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